Recently we discovered a method of serving our hot little donuts at almost any indoor event.  All we need is access to an electrical outlet.

Sounds simple?    It is….and here’s how we do it.

First we make the donuts in our factory using the same Tiny Tom Donut making equipment that you see at The Canadian National Exhibition and Canada’s Wonderland.

When we arrive at the venue, we set up our display table featuring a custom Tiny Tom Conveyor Toaster.  The pre-made donuts are then placed on the conveyor which takes them through the toaster to rejuvenate the donuts to their original hot and fresh taste and flavour.  We bag the donuts and then sprinkle them with your favourite Tiny Tom flavour.

We understand and agree that it would be more fun to actually see your donuts being made, but our Toaster is the second best thing and the only alternative that allow us to serve our donuts in an indoor setting.

If your event is to be held outdoors and you would like us to make our donuts on location with our traditional donut making equipment, we may a have mobile truck or trailer available to meet your needs.